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Since nightwitch hasn't returned any of my messages on this website, and I don't know whatever he's doing right now, I though I could post something to you, soapfans. I'm looking for a Chicago journalist who's an avid soap opera/music cognoscente as I am. Someone who can interview me with my three topics that have a lot to do with soap opera stars and music. Someone I can truly trust. Someone who doesn't have to make me famous. Someone who knows the studio locations of ALL kinds of soaps, daytime, prime-time, Web, while I can think of a record label in the same state to partner up, so that multitalented soap actress AND actor can sign it, so she and he can make millions of  records, and be heard on the radio. Someone who knows my favorite singers' spokespeople and managers, when I want a singer of my choice to become a musical guest of my No. 1 favorite soap, "All My Children". If you know that person, please, feel free to post something under my post, and I'll be happy to get that person's e-mail address, so I'll e-mail to her, or him, about my life, and what my three topics are. Thank you very much. I'm so nervous on how you're going to react when I edited my post to you.



I was just wondering if there were any other Bold & the Beautiful watchers who ship Steffy and Hope together?



Feb. 10th, 2011

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I am very pleased to announce that my best-selling book, THE ABC'S OF SOAPS: All You Need for a Career in Daytime TV, is now in its third printing. The book is the only text of its kind that is readily available to both aspiring actors and theatre majors who wish to know all the ins and outs of working in Soaps on Daytime and Primetime Television.

It includes how to interview, audition, and book work as an actor, contract player, writer, and director- all with potentially high six-figure incomes on one or more of the many network daytime TV Dramas. Recognized in the TV industry as "The Manual" on the subject of Daytime TV. Many colleges and universities are now including...THE ABC'S OF SOAPS: All You Need for a Career in Daytime TV as required text for the BFA/MFA Theatre Degree curriculum.

The event includes a reading from the book/ Q&A, followed by a book signing and a special appearance by Ginger Kroll (from "Guiding Light" and the feature film "Notorious")! Please feel free to invite your friends, family, neighbors, whoever!

A short biography of the author (myself) is below:

Gwyn Gilliss, a classically trained theatre actress (Carnegie Mellon and Syracuse Universities) has appeared in over 18 contract and recurring roles on ABC's daytime series, including: All My Children, One Life to Live, Loving and Ryan's Hope, NBC's As the World Turns, and most recently as Edwina Forrester on CBS's Guiding Light.

Come to the event at Drama Bookshop (250 W. 40th St., NYC) on April 10th at 5pm!

Feb. 25th, 2009

hourglass_days - A Days Of Our Lives RPG on Livejournal. Original characters welcome!

Visit the character list to see who is taken.
Salem, USA via Salem, USA Mods
Days Of Our Lives Roleplaying Game

Taken: Bo Brady, Hope Brady, Chelsea Benson/Brady, Addie Horton, and Dougie Leclair

Wanted: Shawn D Brady, Steve Johnson, Kayla Johnson, Doug Williams, Julie Williams, Glen Reiber, Barb Reiber, Jennifer Deveraux, John Black, Marlena Evans-Black, Abby Deveraux, Max Brady, Nick Fallon, Stephanie Johnson, and everyone else!

Clip of the Week - All My Children

Liza tells Jenny about Tad's affair with her mother.